Wafer plasma treatment

APP’s atmospheric plasma can be used for wafer treatments. The machine shown in the movie works automatically, and requires only the loading of magazines. The

Visual plasma –candle test

눈으로 보는 플라즈마 – 촛불실험 플라즈마의 한 종류인 촛불을 가지고 한 테스트로, 파워 (전압) 인가 전후 촛불 상태를 보여줌. Test with a candle, one kind

Solder Ball Plasma Treatment

APP’s atmospheric plasma is used here for solder ball treatments. The movie shows how the plasma treatment removes static electricity from the solder balls. This

Shieldcap inkjet pretreatment

APP’s atmospheric plasma is applied for shield cap organic cleaning process. The plasma device is used before inkjetting, thus improving process performance without causing damage

Safe for bio/medical purposes

APP의 대기압 아르곤 플라즈마 기술을 이용한 장치입니다. 섭씨 40도 이하에서 작동하는 저온 플라즈마 솔루션으로, 살균효과가 뛰어나 생명공학, 의료 분야에 적용될 수 있습니다. This is a

plasma cleaning with no vacuum

Conventional plasma clean requires a vacuum environment. This video shows a plasma cleaning technology conducted under normal atmosphere conditions. No vacuum was applied. As you